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[10 Oct 2009|08:34pm]

-Anthro response paper
-Project proposal
-Studying for zool
-Zool assignment paper find
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[03 Jul 2009|05:37pm]
Grades grades grades! I actually technically was done this year in April, but of course things were ridiculously hectic immediately following my last exam. And it didn't really feel like school was out because I was there pretty much six days a week for a time - for work Monday-Friday and then my Saturday class. Anyway, still going to do this because it's tradition and because given the trials I had early on and even throughout the semester for some of these courses, I was pleased. Even though I only had three classes from my major, with two electives.

Sociology 201 - Introduction to Sociology - A
Archaeology 357 - The Incas and their Successors - A+
Biology 315 - Quantitative Biology - A+
Zoology 463 - Animal Physiology II - A
Zoology 531 - Histology - A


And my spring class (Archaeology 303 - Archaeology of North America) concluded a few weeks ago. By the professor's grading scale I should get an A+, but the official marks aren't up yet.
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[22 Jun 2009|08:38pm]
LAB LAB LAB LAB LAB is my life right now. I have not NOT been in the lab since Sunday of LAST week.

Weekend labness, o joy.

PCR is shit right now. I don't know what's worse: the possibility that I'm just doing a shit job of PCR, or the possibility that the cDNA is screwed up. Former possibility, my grad student and potentially everyone in the lab thinks I'm a fucking idiot. Latter possibility, shitloads of work figuring out which cDNA is screwed and making new cDNA + potentially having to go all the way back to RNA extraction to not run out of the cDNA we need for all the genes we have to look at, ahhh

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[21 Mar 2009|01:00pm]
My midterm yesterday went fairly well... but, as usual, I've been letting things pile up and will soon face the consequences.

Uhm... I just got word yesterday that one of my exams is actually a week earlier than the course outline says it is. This is a big, big exam - worth 30%, with a disgusting amount of information covered on it, and... it's math. I'm not upset to the point of jumping off a bridge or anything, but telling people on March 20 that the exam is actually April 7 instead of April 14 seems like cutting it a bit close.

I can't even really wish that this semester was over already. My fear for this summer almost completely overshadows my excitement - I think that's natural though... will just have to keep my chin up :o
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[19 Mar 2009|09:42pm]
I am a walking Picasso painting.

Hello, left eye! Why have you been persistently droopy and swollen for two weeks! It's not attractive, nor is the fact that I have to wear my glasses constantly now. Gah.

Why is Thursday my most exhausting day? On Thursdays I get to school, sit around and drink coffee and study for four hours, then go to lab where I sit and stare at small things under a microscope for three hours. Then I leave at 3:15ish to go home. I was so tired during lab today I was ready to fall over. It's strange. Maybe (squinting at tiny things + blinding bright microscope light + sitting constantly upright + thinking about tiny things + discussion about tiny things) x 3 hours = utter exhaustion.

Midterm tomorrow. I should study.
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[10 Mar 2009|05:52pm]
It's March 10th and it hasn't made it past -21 C in three days...

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WHAT IS UP [29 Jul 2008|08:46pm]
keeping track of my liiiife.

I've been working, it's been ok, people are awesome. The work generally alternates between devastatingly boring and stressful, but I can't complain about the atmosphere, at all.

Got accepted into zoology, and honours at that, sooo yeah. that's probably pretty great.

Janna's going to a seminar on canine reproduction in September and I'll probably register too.


thornsmoke is a turnip!
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DOA [24 May 2008|09:50pm]
I... must have a death wish or something. Assuming I get accepted into the Zoology program, the courses I will in all likelihood register in, and the hours they occupy weekly:

BCEM 443 Metabolism and basic nucleic acid biochemistry
3 hours lecture, 4 hours lab

Zoology 461 Animal Physiology I
3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab

Zoology 471 Embryology
3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab

Zoology 477.02 Fishes, Amphibians, and Reptiles
3 hours lecture, 3 hours lab


BCEM 443 and ZOO 471 are supposed to be especially brutal. oooommggg, KILL ME NOW. SPARE ME THE HUMILIATION OF FAILING EVERYTHING.
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busy suummmerrr [30 Mar 2008|08:38pm]
I can't wait until finals are over and this horrible semester can end. My fellow sufferers of U of C biology - courage. Pass the wretched classes so you never have to see them again.

BCEM 393 and BIOL 331, especially the latter, are some of the worst courses I have ever had the misfortune of requiring for my degree. So it's only been two years and that's not saying much, but I'm pretty sure 331, at least, will stand through the time as the class I most wanted to spontaneously combust. With me in it. There's always hope for the final exam. I refuse to honour this godforsaken piece of useless shit class with the slightest memory of its content or existence once I've handed in that paper.

Anywaaaay. I'm taking two Spring classes, but hopefully that won't be too bad. It looks like I'll have school Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, which means I'll be working (an office job) on Monday and Tuesday, 7-4. I kind of like this because I'm not exactly familiar with the sort of work I'll be doing and part-time for a little while will give me time to ease into it. Then after Spring semester I'll be working Monday-Friday, 7-4. It'll be pretty great.

Although I might not have any class until late morning/afternoon on school days, which means I'll have to find something to do from 8 am on. If Erika wasn't graduating I could still volunteer in the zoology lab. Maybe I still can. Will talk to Warren I guess.

I think a couple of my friends are working in labs after this semester ends, sooo that's pretty cool and I should be able to see them often enough.

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[19 Jan 2008|08:14pm]
Magic starts obedience class on the 23rd. I like the trainers at this place, I was in a class run by the owner with Pagan a few years ago. We did well because Pagan is smart, food-motivated, and confident.

Magic is... not stupid, food-motivated, and extremely insecure. I kind of doubt he'll be manageable at all because he'll be so freaked out, at least for the first few classes, but wish us luck!
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